Research on the development status of China’s international trade in the Internet environment

1 The impact of cross-border e-commerce on China’s international trade in the context of the Internet

  1.1 Overview of the relevant content of cross-border e-commerce

  Cross-border e-commerce, which is mainly applied to information dissemination and transactions in commerce, has been developed globally mainly by the addition of computer network technology. E-commerce based on computer network technology has promoted the benign development of cross-border e-commerce and provided many conveniences for both sides of the transaction.

Based on the Internet background, cross-border e-commerce has an important impact on China’s international trade. In the past trade transactions, China’s economy has always been in a backward position due to the relative lack of resources used by China’s foreign trade enterprises to obtain benefits, and regional restrictions are one of the important factors. Along with the emergence of e-commerce, the economic trade situation of China’s foreign trade enterprises has undergone a fundamental change. By establishing virtual marketing services and using self-built platforms to display products in order to continuously strengthen the cooperation with other enterprises, thus achieving a win-win situation.

  1.2 Impact on economic level

  Along with the continuous development of Internet technology and the wide popularity of the network, China’s network economy has also received unprecedented development, and the vigorous development of the network economy has promoted the continuous development and innovation of China’s e-commerce enterprises. At the same time, along with the continuous upgrading and innovation of e-commerce technology, the import and export trade of China’s foreign trade enterprises has reached a commercial level, whether from the technical level, resource level or product level, and its specialization has been strengthened, and the development potential of China’s economic trade is huge. And on the premise that the scale of cross-border e-commerce is expanding, the characteristics of national trade are more inclined to the liberalization and facilitation of trade.

  1.3 Impact on the spatial level

  The continuous development of the Internet has provided many conveniences to people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, and the communication and exchange between people has become more convenient and efficient. The transaction mode of international trade has also undergone fundamental changes, and it is no longer restricted by time and geography. Cross-border e-commerce not only reduces trade friction, but also promotes communication and cooperation between countries. Due to the openness and sharing characteristics of the Internet itself, and the rise of e-commerce in this environment, it is a breakthrough in the limitations of space, providing convenient conditions for the development of economic trade, transactions through the network, so that consumers have a more intuitive understanding of the enterprise itself, changing its objective judgment of the capital strength of the enterprise.

2 The current situation of China’s international trade development in the context of the Internet

  In the background of the Internet, Internet technology has been widely used in various fields, China’s comprehensive economic strength is also rising year by year, and China’s international trade has shown a good development situation. Combined with the relevant data from the National Bureau of Statistics, it can be seen that the significant increase in China’s GDP is closely related to the development of the international trade market, and the good development of international trade has directly driven the growth of China’s GDP. At this stage, although the momentum of China’s international trade development is good, the status of international trade is also increasing, promoting the rapid development of the economy. But in this case, we still have to face up to some of the problems in the development of China’s international trade, such as the limitations of the information network conditions, the lack of human resources, laws and regulations system is not perfect, etc., to carry out continuous reform and adjustment for these problems, so that the development of China’s economy and trade towards a healthier direction.

  2.1 Restrictions of information network conditions

  International trade activities carried out in the context of the Internet, due to the characteristics of the virtual nature of e-commerce, it is difficult for both sides of the trade to grasp each other’s credit status, which makes some enterprises deliberately create false business information as well as product information, commercial fraud is also generated. At the same time, with the continuous development of the network, although some infrastructure construction has been improved, but in the field of cross-border e-commerce transaction costs payment and settlement with the western developed countries there is still a certain gap, which is mainly reflected in the technology, management, consumption level, etc., due to the many limitations of the information network conditions, as well as imperfect information security mechanisms, etc., to the development of China’s international trade has brought a certain impact .

  2.2 The relative lack of professional talent resources

  At this stage, the entry threshold of the international trade industry is low, and the education model of higher education institutions for talents has been seriously inconsistent with the real development needs, just into the field of international trade college students, thought to master the relevant knowledge of international trade, will be able to perform the relevant work, but the real operation is not as simple as imagined. Not only to have the professional knowledge of international trade, but also to apply the knowledge proficiently, which puts forward high requirements for the operational ability of workers. E-commerce is more in need of strong hands-on ability and the ability to skillfully operate the computer talent, and the requirements of the theory of international trade is not high, so in the background of the Internet, China’s international trade professionals are relatively scarce.

  2.3 Laws and regulations are not perfect

  In the process of international trade business, due to the different laws and regulations of each country, and the two sides of the trade in different legal and regulatory systems, for the authenticity of e-commerce documents, intellectual property rights, online transactions and other legal issues, the laws and regulations of different countries have fundamentally different policies, and the international community has not formed a unified normative standards. China’s existing regulations and systems are only effective for traditional trade, while foreign trade activities are carried out without strict regulations and systems to protect them. On the contrary, the existing laws and regulations and systems have brought certain influence on foreign trade subjects, and to a certain extent, hindered the sustainable development of cross-border e-commerce.

  2.4 Lack of management and system innovation of enterprises

  After the reform and opening up, our enterprises have actively joined the international trade, but due to the lack of innovation in the management system of our enterprises, the international trade status of our enterprises is generally low compared with that of the developed western countries. At this stage, combined with the development of China’s foreign trade enterprises can be seen, China’s foreign trade enterprises need to continuously improve the quality of products, imitation products are still China’s foreign trade enterprises should be resolutely put an end to; in addition, some foreign trade enterprises of low-end products and homogenization is more serious, because most of the products are low value-added light industrial products, and this is also an important factor for enterprises to play price war.

  2.5 Economic development is more crude and less intensive

  China is a large agricultural country, and in the development of the economy, mainly in the rough type. After the reform and opening up, although China’s economy from the rough type to intensive development, but in the process of international trade, still in the rough economic export mode, the export volume is larger at the same time, the level and level is generally lower, so China’s competitiveness in the international trade market has always been unable to improve. Because of the small number of intensive products, does not have the brand advantage and competitive advantage, so the structure of China’s international trade has unreasonable problems.

3 Internet background of international trade development measures

  3.1 Constantly optimize and improve the website and related infrastructure

  The development of international trade activities, and information technology infrastructure is inextricably linked, although China has made some achievements in information technology infrastructure, but compared to developed countries abroad, there is still a certain gap between them, and this also invariably affects the development of cross-border e-commerce in China, making international trade competitiveness is far from adequate. Therefore, we should constantly improve the construction of websites and related infrastructure, constantly strengthen information security, constantly update and improve the infrastructure of information technology, provide a strong backing for the development of cross-border e-commerce, while promoting the healthy development of international trade and improving the competitiveness of international trade.

  3.2 Raise the threshold of enterprises and continuously deepen the modern education concept

  At this stage, the teaching of international trade in colleges and universities is influenced by the traditional education concept, the teaching of international trade still continues the traditional teaching mode, and in the rapid development of foreign trade, the teaching of international trade in colleges and universities, although it involves the content of cross-border e-commerce, but also still some basic knowledge content teaching, and no more in-depth teaching of cross-border e-commerce. In this case, international trade teaching content only stays at the level of basic theoretical knowledge, and students can only master the traditional import and export business. In the Internet environment, the requirements for the relevant staff are also increasing, the traditional professional courses have been unable to adapt to the development of the new era, so universities can combine the development of e-commerce continue to deepen the concept of education, innovative teaching mode, open a strong professional courses, for the development of international trade to train a high professional level of comprehensive talent.

  3.3 Establish and continuously improve the legal and regulatory system

  The development of cross-border e-commerce is in the exploration stage, the development time is not long, and the relevant laws and regulations system is not sound enough, the traditional commercial legislation is based on paper transactions, and due to the virtual characteristics of cross-border e-commerce itself, non-paper trading activities, so the traditional commercial legislation is completely non-binding on it. Therefore, traditional commercial legislation is completely inapplicable to the business operation of online commerce, and is completely contrary to the development of the online industry. Therefore, in the process of cross-border e-commerce development, it is necessary to establish and constantly improve the corresponding regulations and systems to ensure that they can develop healthily and sustainably.

  3.4 Constantly change the management concept and establish advanced management concept

  For China’s foreign trade enterprises, it is necessary to continuously increase the construction of infrastructure and continuously improve the information level of enterprises, and the leaders of enterprises should actively change the management concept and introduce advanced scientific management facilities. In addition, to strengthen the training of relevant staff, combined with the needs of the times, the internal management mechanism of the enterprise to constantly improve and adjust to ensure that the enterprise can meet the relevant standards of international trade, so as to promote the benign development of enterprises. Therefore, actively update and change the management concept, constantly optimize the internal management mode of enterprises, when necessary, learn from and study the successful experience of advanced foreign enterprises, and provide the necessary support for the development and improvement of the enterprise management system based on the national conditions of China, thus better developing e-commerce and ultimately improving the competitiveness of China’s international trade.

  3.5 Actively develop high-tech industries and realize the transformation of economic development from sloppy to intensive

  Completely change the state of China’s long-term crude economic development, high-tech industry can enhance the comparative advantage of China’s international trade, through encouraging enterprises to scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the upgrading of products and other initiatives to achieve the overall upgrading of China’s high-tech industry. Completely change the original development trend of China’s international trade in the rough economy, through the development of high-tech industry, to achieve the coordinated development of China’s international trade between import and export. At the same time, China should actively study and learn from advanced science and technology and successful experience, and continuous innovation and optimization, to lay a solid foundation for the upgrading of China’s position in the international trade market.

  4 Conclusion

  In conclusion, based on the Internet environment, the development of cross-border e-commerce undoubtedly promote the development of international trade, in the continuous development of information technology and innovation at the same time, China is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, how to effectively seize the opportunity to constantly adjust themselves to a new look to meet the challenge, which is the future development must be attached importance. Therefore, to strive to improve the competitiveness of China’s international trade, as well as enhance the status of our country in international trade, in the future development, China must always pay attention to the development of international trade, to be able to constantly adjust the development strategy, and take effective countermeasures, so as to continuously enhance the status of our country’s international trade, and to obtain a certain degree of initiative to promote the healthy and prosperous development of our economy.