Filter Press

3A channel press is the channel press gear created and delivered by Sudong Chemical Sudong Chemical Machinery Co.

3A channel press is the channel press hardware created and delivered by Sudong Chemical Machinery Co.

3A Filter Press
1、 3A channel press has manual squeezing, mechanical squeezing and water driven squeezing.
2、 The working framework has programmed, self-loader, PLC program control, DCS controller and HMI human-machine interface activity.
3、 Solid-fluid partition has open stream and dull stream; it tends to be separated, washed and squeezed, and the sifting pressure is 0.2-2.0MPa.
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3A channel press channel plate has great fixing execution, corrosive and salt consumption opposition, solid enemy of maturing capacity, wear obstruction, high temperature opposition, high strain opposition, administration life of over 5 years, the channel plate skeleton can likewise be reused commonly, high filtration productivity, low yearly extensive support costs.
At the point when mechanical squeezing, the engine drives the minimizer to push the portable plate to press the channel plate through the transmission parts, and the strain holding nut guarantees the dependability and security of the tension when squeezing.
Programmed control is accomplished with the engine coordinated defender, which acknowledges overheating and over-burden insurance for the engine.
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The 3A channel press delivered by Sudong Chemical is generally Filter Press utilized in different businesses, for example, synthetic, metallurgy, printing and coloring, ceramics, food, drug, building materials, coal washing, fine compound, natural insurance and different enterprises for squander fluid treatment, strong fluid detachment and reusing in the creation interaction of unrefined components. It is especially reasonable for the filtration of combustible and dangerous, poisonous and perilous and valuable materials.
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Right activity
1, prohibited on account of channel plate not exactly the predetermined number of processing plant start work, so as not to harm the machine parts. Check the course of action of the channel plate prior to adding material, the channel fabric can not have collapsed peculiarity, to forestall the event of enormous spillage; emptying the cake after the channel plate should be firmly squeezed and organized flawlessly.

  1. Just when the channel press is appropriately dispatched would it be able to be taken care of into the machine, and the entire machine ought to be totally checked before each shift. Mechanical squeezing transmission parts and minimizer box should be loaded up with grease; water powered squeezing audit oil tank stockpiling and pressure driven station working strain, pressure driven oil is for the most part supplanted one time per year, the substitution ought to be an extensive cleaning of the water powered framework, water driven station working tension is not exactly the most noteworthy working strain of the chamber, however the base can not be lower than the permissible worth of the channel pressure, too little will cause enormous spillage, too huge will harm the machine. The machine parts will be harmed.
    3, to be all typical prior to squeezing the channel plate compressed filtration, filtration tension and filtration temperature should be inside the predetermined reach, filtration pressure is too high will cause spillage, filtration temperature is too high plastic channel plate simple to deformity, add material when the suspension ought to be uniform focus. There should not be blended materials; subsequent to emptying the cake, the channel fabric and channel plate should be washed clean, and the buildup should not be permitted to be glued on the fixing surface or in the taking care of channel, if not it will influence the taking care of without a hitch and the fixing of the channel plate, which will prompt the disfigurement and harm of the channel plate because of the strain awkwardness on the two sides of the channel plate.
    4, the decision of channel material should be in accordance with the channel paddle filtration innovation prerequisites, the new channel fabric ought to be contracted before creation, the breadth of the opening ought to be not exactly the measurement of the channel plate gap, supporting the channel plate when the fabric opening and plate opening ought to be generally concentric, taking care of opening fabric Jane ought to be near the chamber divider, any other way it will cause, filtration muddled, low filtration rate, crack of the material chamber, can not accomplish the ideal sifting reason results.
    5, channel press in the beginning phase of separating, the channel wave is more turbid, when the channel fabric on the arrangement of a layer of channel cake after the filtrate will turn out to be clear. Assuming that the filtrate has been turbid or has become clear and blended, the channel material might be broken or the fabric opening and the plate opening deviation, right now to close the valve or quit taking care of to supplant the channel material. A modest quantity of spillage brought about by the slim peculiarity of the channel fabric is permitted between the channel plates.