Exploring the relationship between economic policy and trade under the new normal


  With the improvement of the world’s scientific and technological level, our country’s economic level has gradually ranked among the world’s forefront. Since our country carried out this initiative of reform and opening up, China’s economy began to develop rapidly, and such a development trend lasted for a long time until the country’s economic development reached a certain level, the domestic economy showed a slowdown, and while the speed slowed down, some new economic characteristics also appeared. For example, the slowdown was accompanied by a radical change in the structure of our country’s economy, as well as a gradual change in the aspects of the country’s economic drivers. To a certain extent, this indicates that our country’s economic development has emerged as a new normal and will enter a new state of economic development.

  In order to better adapt to the current economic environment, the country’s economic model should continue to innovate and develop, find and explore a new model of economic development suitable for itself, so that the national economy can be innovative, steady and efficient development.

  The law of our economy in the growth

  The development trend of China’s economy is mainly from the high speed growth of the previous years gradually changed to medium and high speed growth. Since the reform and opening up, our country’s economy has been in a rapid growth rate, and has been increasing more stable. Until after the 21st century, although our country’s economy is also under the growth rate, but the rate of increase is much lower than the previous rate. Therefore, we can see that our country’s economy has gradually changed from a high-speed development model to a medium- to high-speed development model. Whether such a shift in economic model is beneficial to our country’s economic development has been hotly debated by domestic and foreign experts.

We can consider the previous high-speed growth model as the first stage in the country’s economic development, and the later medium- and high-speed economic growth model as the second stage. Then almost every country’s economic development model is gradually changed from the first stage to the second stage, and this kind of economic development model transformation is the inevitable way of every country’s economic development. Some developing countries or developed countries have such a pattern of economic development, from the beginning of rapid economic development, after a period of rapid development, the economic model is gradually in a slow state. This is an objective law in the operation of the economic development of our countries and does not represent any problem.

  At this stage, our country’s economy is in this first stage and second stage of transition, which is an important key period of economic transformation, our country must recognize the current economic development situation, not because of the economic slowdown to impose economic stimulus, which will cause the reverse force on the economy, but should follow our national economic policy to ensure the long-term healthy development of the national economy.

  The new characteristics of the new economic normal

  At this stage, our country’s economy is in a critical stage of transition, and some economic characteristics will be very different from those in the past. First, the speed of economic development will be very fast. Due to the country’s reform and opening up in the earlier years, the country’s economic development was mobilized, so that the economy has been under a high-speed development situation, with such a high growth rate, the economy gradually appeared to slow down. But due to the emergence of some innovative ideas and innovative economic development model factors in recent years has once again stimulated the slowdown of our economic model, so that our economy has once again appeared in the speed of growth.

Second, our country has a strong driving factor in economic development. During the transition from the first to the second stage of the economy, the country has taken active and effective economic measures, proposed new policies and reform initiatives to ensure that the economy has a new stimulus, which has continuously driven the country’s economic prosperity. Finally, the economic structure of the country has also undergone certain changes. After the reform and opening up, the economic structure of our country was developed as long as the primary and secondary industries were the main ones, but under the current economic model of the new normal, we began to focus on the development of the tertiary industry and gradually tilted the policy towards the tertiary industry. Therefore, in summary, it can be seen that our country’s economy has been transformed from the past rough and traditional economic model to an efficient and intensive economic model.

  Measures to maintain the development of the new economic normal

  At the present stage, our economy is in the critical period of changing from the first stage to the second stage. In the first stage period, our country mainly focused on the development of primary and secondary industries, but due to limited resources, the economy has begun to gradually slow down. Therefore, under the situation of the new economic normal, our country should adopt an innovative reform and development model to make the country’s economy prosperous and strong.

  1. Capital market.

Capital market is a key role in the process of economic development. The capital market can provide the national economy with certain investment channels and industrial restructuring, etc. Capital market has been in the whole process of economic development, and the country’s economic development is closely important. Our country’s capital market now has some small problems, so our country should now re-examine the importance of the capital market.

  2. Science and technology innovation.

The economic development under the new normal must ensure the innovation of science and technology, innovation is to inject fresh blood into the economy, the country should carry out active innovation mode reform measures to ensure the innovation factor in our economy, so that more science and technology can steadily advance in the economic industry. Many industries in our country at this stage have made relatively big achievements, but in the final analysis, many industries do not have their own technology property rights and lack certain technological innovation, so the economy is still bound by technological innovation. Therefore, the country should take certain policy measures to ensure the development of the level of science and technology, so that science and technology and economic innovation and reform combined to ensure that our country’s economy can successfully develop to a whole new stage.

  The impact of policies on economic development

  1. Drive the development of new industries.

In recent years, due to the improvement of national science and technology level, our country’s development trend in new industries has gradually increased, and the speed of economic development is much higher than any previous period. In order to ensure the sustainable development of emerging industries, the country has put forward a complete policy to make the development of emerging industries in economic development gradually occupy the market. The development of emerging industries is a development business with good prospects, and the state effectively optimizes the structure of industries, which can fundamentally change the future development direction of our country’s economy.

  2. Increase the international competitiveness of our enterprises.

Since our national economy has been reformed and opened up, our country has been adopting the strategy of “going out”. Although the speed of our national economic development has been very high, our enterprises have been facing many challenges and problems in the international economic competition. In the whole international economic development trend, our country’s economy has been under unprecedented pressure. However, under the economic development model of the new normal, our country has introduced many international economic factors, which have injected new vitality into enterprises, ensured the important position of enterprises in the national economic competition, and improved the competitiveness of our economy in the international arena.

  3. It provides the driving force of economic innovation.

Since the economy has entered the new normal development mode, our national government has introduced many favorable policies and measures to ensure the normal development mode of the economy. Internet technology is an innovative development technology, which has a promising future when applied to economic development. At this stage in our country, the Internet has been continuously accepted by people and provides a good economic basis for the future development of enterprises. The development of Internet technology stems from the popularity of computers, and an innovative model of economic development combining computers and economy in the country’s economy is gradually occupying the economic stage. The innovative development model combining Internet and economy will become an innovative driving force for the economic development of our country.


  At this stage, our national economic model is gradually changing from a high-speed growth model to a medium-high growth model, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. The country should grasp this opportunity and the government should introduce some corresponding policy measures in a timely manner to ensure the development of the national enterprise economy and continuously adjust the industrial structure. Change the innovation of the national economic model, and provide a strong policy guarantee for the future prosperity of our economy.