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Hickory is much heavier and has much more tensile strength. Maple should work okay for the type of axe you did up. Thanks for checking out and enjoying my Instructable. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away and I will find an answer for you. Please remember to vote for this Instructable or whichever one is your favorite in the “Cabot woodcare contest.” This Instructable is for the “Cabot Woodcare Contest” and I’ll go over the steps that I did in order to turn this piece of scrap metal into a beautiful usable tool. The 10 Best Knife Organizers For Everyday Carry The perfect storage solutions for your ever-expanding collection of blades. If you find yourself drawn to our final, most modern category of axe, then you may want to see a larger selection.

Slim head designs tend to stick into the log on strike, and it will take you time to pull the axe out. Thicker heads will separate the piece of wood right on the first hit. However, wider heads are bulkier and usually come with a lengthier handle. Again, Gransfors Bruk is a wonderful company, hence their axes. It features a Hickory handle soaked in boiled linseed oil, leaving protection for the wood. Perhaps these are not the traditional substances used on axe heads and handles but in my experience they work very well. Gotta ask; was the axe on the right found next to the sun bleached bones of a fallen brother woodsman? I use Ikea worktop oil on the handle of mine and 3 in 1 on the head. The worktop oil doesnt bring the finish out as well but it does the job.

Halko’s Master Smiths have handcrafted each product which is a lifelong artisan in metalcraft. To shape the head of the axe tongs are used by the Smith on an open face drop forge. This skill of impressive control is not achieved overnight, and it requires years of practice. They’ll cut through 16 penny nails and remain razor sharp. With a little care your Firefighter Axe will keep its good looks and fine edge as long you own it. There are two main methods to applying a finish to your axe handle – soaking and layered application . The process is essentially the same – getting finish onto your axe handle and allowing it to penetrate into the wood fiber. Since hardwood such as hickory soaks up oil slowly, it’ll take a while either way if you want to give your handle a nice deep finish.

5.85 pounds is ideal even if you are not strongly built. Our Top 15 best axe list is the result of hard work and a Professional Approach. We have collected the feedback through Interviews, sending questionnaires getting responses from social networking, etc. Your favorite axe has a comfortable pattern, isn’t it? Trace an outline according to your pattern on the plank. Simply, trim everything that is outside the outline the pattern. Now, what you have is a rough axe, almost one and a half inches thick. If you are ready to shed some sweat and show some dedication, you can get an axe from DIY ways, better than any shop.

Depending on the manufacturer, they can even be stronger than steel if they’re properly reinforced. The main disadvantages are that they’re often the most expensive and the smooth surface can be difficult to securely grasp unless it’s covered with a nonslip rubber grip. Within those two categories, three subcategories are based on the axe’s handle size. Full-size, or standard, axes have 28-inch to 36-inch handles. Small axes (also called “camper’s axes” or “boy’s axes”) have 14-inch to 28-inch handles. Both small and standard axes are designed to be used with two hands. Unfortunately, the size and number of tools that can be taken into the woods is severely limited. It’s neither wise nor practical to pack a full-size splitting maul to chop firewood, but a regular pocket knife simply won’t cut it.

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It happens due to an ingredient called acidic tannins. Birch handles are cheap and not very reliable.Birch is a cheaper option than Hickory and Ash but it is weaker than other common wood types. For this reason, you cannot rely on a handle made of Birch for durability and good performance. Ash axe handle.People in European countries prefer Ash because it is available in those regions. It is strong but its amazing flexibility has made it easy to work with. The only issue is its inability to cope up well with outdoor environments. Repair stores in your area may have the equipment and expertise to replace an axe handle quickly. Even if you take your time to eject the old handle from the blade, there may still be debris in there.

They are well-designed, but you should not concentrate on the good look only. You have to choose a handle that has a firm grip on your hand, and the material is of high-quality. The length of the handle is also an important factor to consider. The 1844 Helko Werk Company Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter is totally different and doesn’t look like a traditional axe in the slightest. Maybe you aren’t looking for anything fancy in an axe. You just need a basic axe that will get the job of splitting wood done. Well, the Mintcraft PRO Wood Splitting Maul axe could be just what you’ve had in mind. Yet, it does come with a fibreglass handle which is always a nice feature. Have you ever been out chopping wood with an axe that is two pieces and suddenly the axe head comes flying off? Well, I have and it is a little scary for the people with you.

The downside to fiberglass handles is that they are hard to replace, unlike wooden ones – in fact, replacement handles generally aren’t available. Some manufacturers, like Fiskars, provide a lifetime guarantee, so that even if your fiberglass handle breaks, you’ll be able to get a replacement axe. Forged from a “fine” grain steel, hand worked to provide you with an axe that has a look and feel like no other. This classic single bit axe is perfect for big jobs. Fitted with a 30″ select American hickory handle for greater leverage. Genuine leather blade guard included. Made in the USA. 40 3/4″ overall. 8 1/8″ axe head with 10″ sharpened cutting edge. Hardwood handle. Head has black finish with polished edge. Made in China. 24 3/4″ overall. Sharpened steel axe blade with 5 1/2″ cutting edge.

Notice the gap on the butt end of the eye before and after the metal wedge is installed (pic 4 & 5). Once the wedge is in, round off the sharp edge where you cut the handle with some sandpaper and go start choppin’. You can see in pic 5 that I drove the wedge in until it was flush with the top of the handle. I think that had the handle been shorter, I could have driven the wedge in further. I tried to fix this by cutting away the handle on both sides of the wedge so I could drive the wedge deeper . Either the glue had already set up, or the wedge was bottomed out in the slot in the handle because the wedge just split to pieces . The next step is to cut off some of the excess handle sticking out the top. This is to ensure that the wedge can be driven far enough into the eye to spread the handle to fill the gaps. You can see how much I cut off, but I should have cut off more .

This axe is best for those who prioritize killer reviews coupled with great value and performance for splitting thicker wood. The handle measures up to 32”, making the total axe length 34.4” and 7.1 lbs. It’s made from lightweight fiberglass that’s comfortable to wield and won’t slip while swinging. This axe is best for outdoor folk searching for an easy to transport but powerful splitting wood axe. This axe is best for heavy-duty and massive chopping projects ranging from splitting tree trunks, heavy firewood, and large rounds. Full-grain leather sheath and 1 oz axe guard protective oil included with purchase. This axe is best for absorbing shock and vibrations from impact for comfort and longevity while chopping wood.

Feather light and easy to carry, these tools are designed to be carried on the trail for camp tasks. They have also been used as devastating weapons in hand to hand combat, or used as thrown weapons. The lighter weight of the tomahawk forces you to swing a lot harder to do the same amount of chopping as a heavier ax. And because of their overall shape, they’re not great at splitting wood. The attractive leather ring grip and one piece forging make this a great looking, long lasting hatchet, and it’s one of the cheapest on our list. Outdoor Life Online EditorsFor an American made classic, the Estwing Sportman’s Axe is probably the most widely available hatchet in the country. Just stop by any Home Depot or Lowes, and you’ll see it hanging there with the hammers and a few other tools. The overall axe length is 14 inches, and the blade’s cutting edge is 3 ¼ inches.

31″ overall. 9″ carbon steel axe head with 6″ blunt edge. Hardwood shaft. Bulk packed. Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece. Made in India. Make sure the balance of the axe head to the length of the handle has been factored into the construction of your axe too – an unbalanced axe is unpredictable and uncomfortable to swing. This steel splitting maul by Instertool does one thing, and it does it well – split timber. The axe’s head weighs in at 4.9 lb and is made from high-quality steel that can tackle even the toughest of logs. The flat poll of the head is great for driving wedges or doubling as a sledgehammer when needed. There are a few more things to consider for your new tool! Let’s check out this ultimate buying guide to axes for splitting wood. As far as precision is concerned, longer tools impose more difficulties for hitting precisely. Therefore, beginners are advised to purchase an axe, which is 31 inches long, to master their technique before moving to a longer handle.

Make sure that the wording on the handle and axe are on the same side. Establish whether the handle has broken outside or inside the eye. If it has broken outside, then saw the handle off under the axe head. If the handle has broken inside the eye, then there is no need to saw. You can also push or hammer out the wood remaining in the eye. Cracks in the handle indicate that there is a need to act to prevent it from breaking while in use. Once the handle is fitted in it is time to begin to cut it down to the appropriate length. From here we will want to grab our saw and cut down the top part of our axe handle so that it does not jut out so much from the axe head. While many want it to be perfectly clean so that the axe head is the only piece on top it is suggested to leave at least one to two inches.